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Wikispaces now require $1 for verification? Um…

Wikispaces is advertised as a free service, primarily available for teachers and learners to create wikis where content can be shared and collaborated on in an online environment. Wikispaces was a great service and I have used it for two semesters now, however, they now require “verification” for wikis to be public.

The new verification is said to be due to spam – see their blogpost Taking a Stand Against Spam and costs $1 to be “verified”. In the world wide space, verification is usually in the form of confirming ones email address, so I was interested to know why the $1 fee was being charged. I was happy to pay it, until, the only payment option provided is Google Wallet. There is no Paypal option, nor BPay option or send a cheque (OK so that would be a little outrageous for $1 cheque, but not everyone wants to provide their credit card details online). What’s more, the Google Wallet payment page has no information about who I would be paying, their contact details or what the payment is for. I even had to check that I was logged in to Google as I was concerned I was redirected to a pretend log in page due to the lack of information on the page! In addition, I don’t want to have another online payment service having my credit card details as I already have a PayPal account.

Anyhow, having used Wikispaces for over two semesters now and not having completed any ‘spam’ activities, I would have thought I would be on the verification list that is spoken of in their blog post. A sweep was done of members and some were automatically verified. I was not one of them.

Image: My Wiki for eLearning Technologies in Wikispaces

So here I am. Assessment due in 2 days and I am not able to provide a link to my Wikispace for my lecturer to mark………………you are allowed up to 5 people to view the wiki, but the purpose of mine is to create a toolkit for academic staff members – I think there are more than 4 of them in the world!

Where to now? One of the comments in the Wikispace blogpost Taking a Stand Against Spam was about creating a free Google Site – so here goes…I have two days to move my site and two days to add those last minute things to get a great mark!

Watch this space for Amy’s adventures in creating a Google Site – the following video states I can get started in ‘just a few clicks’ so here goes!


my project name

My project is coming along jig-saw piece by jig-saw piece…Today, I decided on the name of the site:


What is a Zinemac you ask??? Well, to start with, it is a mix of two words – zine and mac.

Zine – Pronounced zeen, is “most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest…” See the Wikipedia Zine post for more information and some examples.

Mac – Is short for Macarthur – the region I grew up in! Refer to Macarthur Region [PDF, 472kB] for an overview of the suburbs in the region.

When put together, and the target audience added, Maczine is a self-published work of interest for youth in the Macarthur region.

Now to get back to the technical build.

sketches for final project

I have created various sketch ideas over the last couple of weeks for my final project and have decided on the following sketches to be the ones I work with:

Home Page sketch for final project
Home Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
News Page sketch for final project
News Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
Events page sketch for final project
Events Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
Contact Page sketch for final project
Contact Page sketch for final project - click to view large version

Feel free to provide feedback as I will be creating wireframes on the weekend (“,)

designing a website

While DMT is not a design unit, there is still some element of design required for building my project…and therefore I have been focusing a little this week on example designs. An interesting blog post was presented to me in Digital Graphics and the Still Image: http://creativenerds.co.uk/tutorials/80-fresh-photoshop-tutorials-for-creating-awesome-websites/

The great thing about the blog post is that it provides instructions on how to create the design using Photoshop.

I have summarised the list of 80 below into a couple of categories based on what I know people in the class are working on…

If you are creating a portfolio site:

If you are interested in developing an app or site to promote your app:

If you are interested in creating a contemporary/fresh site:

If you are developing a store:

Designs I am interested in to work/play with: