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Two programmers and two user support peeps enter a room…

A date has finally been set for when four peers will enter a room and brainstorm ideas for a project.¬†The team comprises of two programmers and two user support peeps. With their experience combined, they are forming what at the moment is being called a brain trust¬†[note to self…first action item: discuss name with team].

The brain trust will first brainstorm ideas about apps and sites they would like to produce. Initial discussions have alluded to the idea that team members aspire to produce a site or app that has a level of commercial appeal and be a stepping stone for bigger and better sites or apps.

Our team name is yet to be decided on.

Our goals are yet to be defined.

Our project is yet to be brainstormed.

We haven’t yet put pen to paper.


A date has been set for when two programmers and two user support peeps will enter a room…and that makes me excited!

My blog (i.e. this one) is about to transform from a student blog to an omg I am entering the big wide world of site/app development. I am looking forward to sharing the journey, the pitfalls, the exciting and happy times and most of all hints and tips for other students transitioning from University to the wide world of app and site development!

To be continued…