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with javascript and google analytics combined…

I am captain planet (OK, so with two assessments looming, sleep deprivation is a given!!!).

I was requested today to put some code on link so we can track downloads via Google Analytics…I work in a CMS, so I am confined by the CMS and it’s abilities. I can insert JavaScript code and Google Analytics is already across the site. So let the testing begin.

I have searched a number of online posts and it seems as though the best option is to add the following code to the html code with the a href:


As Google Analytics is not in real-time, will need a day or two to check if it is working. But I thought it is something interesting and related to our class as you may need to build a marketing style site and such code is extremely relevant to track interest of documents.

If there is an alternate solution you can think of, please let me know as I am happy to test it out.

javascript garden and guide (support tools for projects)

On navigating the web…I found an interesting Mashable article: Want to Understand JavaScript’s Quirks? Spend Time in the JavaScript Garden

The article refers to the JavaScript Garden – a place that contains documentation to help the JavaScript community avoid common mistakes and subtle bugs. The site has been developed for people who have an understanding of JavaScript.

For those that are newbies (me), the JavaScript Garden refers people to the JavaScript Guide…where I will be starting!

Hope the sources help you as much as I know they will help me through the semester.