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Google Sites gets a +1 from me!

Earlier today (well yesterday as now we are in the wee hours of the morning) I posted a blog about Wikispaces and their new ‘verification’ process. The new process meant the Wikispace I created could only be ‘public’ if I became ‘verified’. As I only have a couple of days to go before my assessment is to be submitted and one of the requirements is a ‘public’ site (in order for my lecturer to be able to mark it), I decided to change where my assessment was to be housed and hoped for a good transition from Wikispaces to Google Sites.

I jumped into the world of Google Sites and created my first wiki inspired site Game Based eLearning Toolkit. There are some cool features in Google Sites, like embedding a Google Calendar, a widget for an Announcement feed (from a particular page of your site), and a little more flexibility on the formatting/layout than with Wiki sites. My only complaint is that it is not easy to embed non-Google products and you are (mostly) forced to use iFrames (that don’t always work in the way I want them to – could be a user issue – needless to say, I didn’t go with iFrames).

Overall though, Google Sites gets a +1 from me! I found it very easy to use and I am sure it has something to do with me being accustomed to Google Docs/Drive that  has very similar navigation/menu traits.

I present to you, my Game Based eLearning Toolkit: