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personas and scenarios…

I have been researching persona’s and scenarios…most importantly why create them and this week I have developed templates to assist me in this class and future classes. Some important notes that I have developed about the importance of persona’s and scenarios are:

  • From Fluid (2010): “creating and using personas are to make user-centered design possible and to communicate what is being learned with the larger team. They put a face on the user – a memorable, engaging, and actionable image that serves as the design target.”
  • Back in DMP, in an Information Architecture lecture, we learnt that a persona is a fictional user developed from research conclusions about the target audience. From the PowerPoint presentation, a persona is a “model of how your users would exist in the real world with your product or service.”
  • A persona is generally one page in length that can be compared with other persona’s for the project. A scenario is an extension of a persona that may be in the form of a description of daily tasks, a summary of what a persona does and/or short snippets of their life. A scenario can also include how the persona uses the application.

Inclusions for Persona’s:

  • Image of Person
  • Name
  • Primary / Secondary / Tertiary Audience title
  • Demographics (Age / Nationality / Marital Status)
  • Personal Background (Children and their Ages / Place of Residence)
  • Technology Comfort
  • Motivations
  • Needs (Related to both life and the specific application / site / tool being created)
  • Description of the persons life, may be chronological or specific only to the application being created

my project name

My project is coming along jig-saw piece by jig-saw piece…Today, I decided on the name of the site:


What is a Zinemac you ask??? Well, to start with, it is a mix of two words – zine and mac.

Zine – Pronounced zeen, is “most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of minority interest…” See the Wikipedia Zine post for more information and some examples.

Mac – Is short for Macarthur – the region I grew up in! Refer to Macarthur Region [PDF, 472kB] for an overview of the suburbs in the region.

When put together, and the target audience added, Maczine is a self-published work of interest for youth in the Macarthur region.

Now to get back to the technical build.

sketches for final project

I have created various sketch ideas over the last couple of weeks for my final project and have decided on the following sketches to be the ones I work with:

Home Page sketch for final project
Home Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
News Page sketch for final project
News Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
Events page sketch for final project
Events Page sketch for final project - click to view large version
Contact Page sketch for final project
Contact Page sketch for final project - click to view large version

Feel free to provide feedback as I will be creating wireframes on the weekend (“,)

my assessment diagram v1.0

I have adapted the diagram as shown in Alastair Weakley’s Week 3 DMT video in order for me to further understand the client-side and server-side technologies as well as how it may be applied in the development of my assessment.

My interpretation:

Within my diagram, you will see:

  • the top half is about server side technologies and the bottom half is about client side technologies
  • I added some information for me to better understand the diagram (for example .txt added to the dev computer; GUI Filezilla added where the file upload process takes place etc)
  • I considered the opportunity for a database and provided a sample relationship
  • I have included the option for Ruby – however, I will decide if this is something I will undertake as I evaluate the skill level required to complete other aspects of the assessment

My diagram:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Next Step

As I work through the technologies assessment and the learning contract, I will further develop the diagram as to how the technologies I select to utilise may be included and explained.

If you have any questions or if there is anything you think should be included for better understanding of the diagram, let me know. The diagram is a work in progress and your input is welcomed.


I have started brainstorming ideas for DMT final project and have shortlisted three. I will select/amend/edit/grow one that will meet the assessment criteria, expand my current skill level and challenge me!

…the assessment:

  • to create a site that can be described as a “diamond” (OK so there is more to it, but this is the description I am aiming for)

…the ideas:

  1. an interactive website that can bring together information about life at uni – the site can make use of RSS, embedding videos, ratings, and provide a community atmosphere by tapping into already established social networking site. I enjoy creating online social communities and am a current student, hence my interest!
  2. a mobile friendly site that houses links to resources for MIMM students – mobile sites are high on the agenda for a number of organisations and I am interested in learning more about the emerging technology. As a MIMM student I am constantly looking for resources and it would be great to have a loction of tagged resources.
  3. a gift registry for people to share online – while I am a social science person at heart, I am a marketer by day and this is an idea I have had for a while that has potential to grow over time. A gift registry could link in with Facebook API, would require a database and a unique identifier (for example, their own URL?) for people to share the list

…the technology:

  • I have a medium skill level in using HTML
  • I have a very basic skill in using CSS (for example, I edit parse files that have already been developed)
  • I would like to investigate an emerging/new open-source programming lanuage. Alternatively, I would like to investigate more on databases as I have a lot of front-end knowledge and administrative panel knowledge, but not the development of databases which is of interest to me.

…the decision:

coming soon……………to a blog near you.