What is 3D Game Lab? And I want in!

“3D GameLab, the first meta-game platform to help teachers turn their classroom into a living game.” – 3D Game Lab

“Developed by Boise State University, 3D GameLab is a unique quest-based learning platform that can turn any classroom into a living game. 3D GameLab helps teachers tie innovative learning activities to standards, providing learners choice while they game their way through a competency-based curriculum.” – The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition (2012, p. 20).

The following YouTube video provides an overview of 3D Game Lab:

If you are interested in jumping into 3D Game Lab, you need to be a member of the Beta – there is a way:
Step 1: Participate in the 3D Game Lab Camp!
The 3D Game Lab Camp is an online camp/conference where you, the educator, becomes the learner. The camp is only held at certain times of the year, so in the meantime, you are able to sign up for the 3D Game Lab Newsletter, follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter – all accessible through 3D Game Lab

Step 2: During 3D Game Lab Camp…
You will be immersed in 3D Game Lab, gaining experience points as you complete quests, collaborating with other educators and participating in events throughout the month. You will have guides who will show you the way and complete short quests that build on past quests. The following is a sample of one of the guide videos:

Step 3: On completion of 3D Game Lab, you will have access to create your own learning modules in 3D Game Lab…
You will have access to the Academy Quests and these will step you thorough the admin interface and walk you through how to create a group, quests and invite people/students.

You will find there is great network of educators providing support along the way. The 3D Game Lab support team also offer a ‘Community Support’ portal powered by Get Satisfaction. The community is accessible through 3D Game Lab Community Support. 


Image: From 3D Game Lab Get Satisfaction portal

For more information on 3D Game Lab, go to:


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