Second Life Case Studies

Two key uses of Second Life as a learning tool in higher education are
  1. Online Teaching and Student Campuses – focus in on ‘online’ learning
  2. Simulations in a ‘Safe’ Environment – focus is on ‘e-learning’

Examples of Online Teaching and Student Campuses 

  • The Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts has linked Second Life and Blackboard to create a “unified, secure and fluid hybrid learning experience” for students. Find out more through the IDIA Project page 
  • Ball State University, a leader in using Second Life within higher education, offers students courses, completely through Second Life in how to be an active participant within the multiuser online world. Refer to the article Ball State offers class teaching people Second Life for more information. 
  • The first video shows Coastline College Virtual Second Life Campus and the second video Deakin University Second Life Campus. Each are from different higher education disciplines, the first mathematics and the second is a selection of creative disciplines. These two videos provide examples of the two extremes available in campus development within Second Life. The first is more of a transitional style where the campus looks as though it could be a real campus, they even have a receptionist! The second is a true virtual campus that goes beyond the realm of reality.

Examples of Simulations in a Safe Environment

  • Doctoral candidates of Indiana University of Pennyslvania created a “Virtual World Simulation – Demonstrating their ability to rapidly build an Immersive Learning Simulation using the Preso-Matic Game Kit” – watch their video below:
  • Simulations are popular in Second Life and the following video shows some of the features and functionality that is possible within Second Life for Nursing students: 

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